Hawk by Tiya Rayne

Hawk: The Church Series

Kilian “Hawk” Walker

It started with a menu. I thought I cleaned my plate. Now that job is coming back to haunt me. I thought I left the Church behind, but Albany is dead, and I’m being sucked back in. The clock is ticking, and I have Brooklyn to worry about. I won’t fail her like I did her sister. This time the cost is greater as I introduce myself to a stranger that I know so well.

Brooklyn Creedmoore

I can’t believe it’s real. My sister is gone. I can hardly breathe. Albany and I have always been close. We told each other everything. No one knew my sister better than me. At least I thought that was true until he came into my life. Now everything is upside down, and I’m learning I didn’t know my sister at all. However, somehow I feel like I know this stranger that I’m stuck to in order to save my life.

Who was Albany? Can I still trust my sister? Would she leave me in the path of this sexy, crazy, lethal stranger without a good reason? I have more questions than answers, but I’m going to go with my gut and follow this Hawk. It just might save my life.

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