What’s New This Month.

Fabulous May, Gang!

Summer is almost upon us, and my summer body is still loading. Hopefully it will be here before June. I hope you all are doing well.

Let’s get into what’s happening.

On The Home Front: Oldest has finally made a decision on college. It wasn’t my top choice, but I like the one she chose. This is the only school her father and I both liked. This month will be busy for her because it’s the last full month of school. *Insert the water works.* I’m going to try to keep it together. Prom was a success even though it was exhausting. If you follow my personal page on Facebook, I posted pictures. Middle child gets her license this month, and youngest gets ready to leave elementary school for good. Lots of changes for the kids.
 What’s Next In The Book World: I’m in my second book of the year. It’s starting off slow, but I’m one of those people that work better when it’s the last minute. I’m back in the Church series and since this is the last book, I have to make sure I’m wrapping everything up with a pretty little bow.
Well, I’m heading back to writing.
Until next time,
Tiya Rayne

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