Bring Your Reader to Work Day!

Hey Gang!

If you’re here again, how’s it going? Glad you’re back. And if you happened to stumble onto this because you were searching for pictures of sexy men and it brought you here, well, .


So, as you can read by the title of this blog, I’m bringing you guys to work today. That’s right, you are going to get to hang out with me as I show you an average work day for Tiya Rayne.

My day starts at 6:00am.

I wake up and take my meds. Then lay in the bed for 25 minutes giving myself a pep talk. Things like, you can do this, you’re awesome, and no you can not run away and start a new life with Jason Mamoa.  At exactly, 6:25 am, my feet hit the floor and chaos ensues.  I have to get three kids up and ready for school. Two of said kids are teenage girls. I call this time period, reasons I should have stayed single and raised cats.

After we magically beat the clock and I get all three kids out of my house and off to school, I come back home and work out.


I would have included a picture of my elliptical here, but considering it’s in my bedroom and I don’t feel like cleaning my room in order to take a picture, you got this one.

After I put in my thirty-five minutes working out, I shower and get dressed for the day. That’s when the fun starts.

First thing I do before I create the magic, is send a text to my Boss lady. Usually it’s to say, Yes I owe you a book, I’m working on it. Then, it’s breakfast time. On average, I make a smoothie, but since one of the feral children I raise ate the last of my yogurt and thought it too much of a trouble to throw the empty container in the trash, I ate toast today.

While my food is cooking, I feed my noble writing companion.

Once breakfast is done, I head to my office. Which is just my formal den with a desk.

Allow me to show you around the office.

This is my wall.

It has some reminders pinned to the board along with my current work in progress plot. The picture is my word count goal for the day and some encouraging words to get me through the task. The long white cardboard is the list of my WIP’S or works in progress. It isn’t all of them, just the ones I think I may finish… day.

This is my desk, with it’s many pens, highlighters and markers. Yes, I use them all.

My calendar is a life saver. I’m a huge calendar user and I hate the one on my phone.

My book of all my current works in progress. All the ones in this book will be written this year.

My second cup of coffee.

My plotting stuff. I use all this when I write a story. These are my notes about the Acts in my story and the color note cards are for writing scenes and names and things I will forget along the way.

And this of course is my laptop. Where the magic happens.

I am currently working on Sigma. The second book to Alpha. A book I had not planned to write but I do many things for you guys. I’ll be showing you the cover for that soon. Sshh, don’t tell anyone.

How about I show you the process of writing that book….

First, I take the plotting notes that I fill out before I start a book. They usually have information about my characters from eye color, hair, and even their fears. They also help me plot out the important parts of the story by breaking it up into four parts. Act 1, Act 2 part 1, Act 2 part2, and Act 3.

I then take the note cards in that books color and write out scenes or conversations that I want to include. I don’t always know where a scene or conversation will go. That’s why I keep the cards in stacks on my desk so I can pull them as I write. Now even though I do a lot of plotting, I don’t plot everything so some stuff I write by the seat of my pants. 

At the moment I am working on two books at once so the first part of the day goes to whichever book is talking the loudest at the moment. I write, doing 25 minute sprints of writing then taking five minute breaks until I either reach my word count goal for the day, or have to leave to pick up the kids or run errands.

Once I get back home for the night and spend time with kids, helping with homework, listening to my girl’s rant about the injustice of being a teenager and cooking, I may get about another hour in of writing before I call it a night and start the entire process over the next day.

So there you have it. I’m glad you guys got to come into the office today. I know it isn’t as magical as you would have hoped or as exciting as some of your jobs– which I would love to know by the way. Tell me in the comments what you do for a living and ask me any more questions about my day.

Well, until next time, Enjoy!!

Tiya Rayne





      • Lynette Harris

        Hey. Im Adrians mom. From bethel. So proud of you congrats. I guess im going to have to play catch up. Adrian bought me o e of your books for mother’s day. Continued success

        • admin

          Hello Ms.Harris. I hope you enjoy the book. And thank you. I was so shocked to hear from Adrien. I’m so glad he reached out to me.

  • Noreen Etienne

    Well I’m the Director of an Outpatient drug/mental health program. I have a Master’s in Addiction counseling and supervise a team of 10 counselors and peers. I think you have one of the dopest gigs out there a writer. Love your stories.

  • Stacye

    Yes!! I love it! I work from home and I manage a CS team for a major rental car company and Your day is far more interesting than mine. Excited about your wips and for the new book!

  • Bunmi

    Love the lay out of your day, I love all your books so I am very excited you are writing two books at once. I really connected with Alpha cuz I stutter too believing I will be totally healed one day ♥️ I am a nurse soo one day is never exactly the same but I love it.

    • admin

      I actually wanted to work in the medical field when I was younger. I either wanted to be a forensic pathologist or an ER nurse. So I LOVE your job. And I’m glad you were able to relate to Morgan. I like making my heroines and my heroes as real as possible.

  • Selena

    I’m a stay at home mom and I homeschool my daughter but I’m also a tax preparer. I wanted to ask you if your stories come to you all at once or are they choppy or do you have multiple parts of multiple stories in your head? I LOVE your books, thank you for sharing your day and your talent.

    • admin

      Oh you have an awesome job, and a tiresome one. Trust me, I know. LOL!! So most of my stories come to me as dreams. For instance in the Alpha dream I was stuck on this compound with these killing machines and they were trying to get me pregnant. And I was trapped in the room with this really big guy. When I woke up I was like, that’s cool idea. It would make a great book. So I spent the next few weeks playing with the idea in my head until it turned into a book. If it doesn’t come in a dream I’ll see something or hear something and a scene will pop in my head. I’ll take that scene and turn it into a full book.

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