Living My Best Life!!


Welcome back!

If you’re here again, you must really like me. And if you’re new here,

I’m on vacation at the moment. Nowhere exciting, just home visiting family for the summer.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the crazy bunch.

Anyway, this post is all about me trying to aim for a healthier lifestyle.

When I first started this journey, it was all about getting skinny. I wanted get back to my college/ before children weight. I have since learned that that is stupid and will never happen. And I’m ok with that.


I’m learning to love my body now, even all the extra fluff, and to start looking at healthy in a different light. I don’t focus so much on the scale, but more on what my body tells me.

Now, yes, I do need to drop about 30 pounds.


I know, seems daunting, but I have faith. LOL!

How are you going to do it, Tiya?

I hear you asking the question. Well,  my plan includes exercise, eating right, drinking water, and hopefully some elf magic.

No seriously, just the first three.

Not only am I focused on taking care of my body, I’m taking care of a lot of other things in my life as well.

Like taking time for my mental peace. That’s a big part of my health journey. Learning to take care of myself. Often times I get lost in being mommy and wife that I don’t remember to be Tiya. So, I’m making it official to take time for myself. That could look like, spending an hour getting a mani/ pedi, treating myself to a lunch that doesn’t include a happy meal option, or going to Barnes and Nobles surrounding myself in books.

I’m spending alone time with my self. And when you share a house with two teenage girls, a little boy and a dog, that alone time is a blessing.


I’m also working on my organization and planning skills. Right now, my writing process looks a lot like this.

  1. Get an idea via dream or thought.
  2. Spend a few weeks poking holes in the plot in my head.
  3. Twiddling my thumbs.
  4. Making myself sit behind the laptop to At least write the first chapter.
  5. Letting first chapter sit on my laptop until it starts to mold and smell.
  6. Pulling said story back out when I am supposed to be writing another book.
  7. Allowing the characters to aimlessly pull me in a hundred different directions until eventually I finish the book.

Length of process, 1-3 years. YES!

I need a better method

I have devoted some time into learning how to organize and better plot out my story so that I can write faster and get more books out. Because seriously, my WIP’s  pile are starting to look a lot like my TBR pile.

See, I am working on me.

Mind, body, and Creative Process.

So what about you? Are there any things you are trying to improve or want to achieve?

Until next time, Enjoy!!!

Tiya Rayne

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