Ten Random Facts



If you are here again, that means I didn’t run you off or bore you with my first post. And if you are just stumbling upon this post first,


Since my first post was all about getting to know me, I thought I should go a little further and truly introduce myself.

Let us start to bond, dig a little deeper, become BFF’s.


So this post is TEN RANDOM FACTS ABOUT TIYA RAYNE. The information is useless and probably won’t win you any money on Jeopardy or anything, but at least you will know my favorite color.

So let’s begin.


Random Fact 1: I collect snow globes and coffee cups. (I’ve always wanted to have a collection of some sort ever since my Dad’s girlfriend– at the time– had a collection of Barbies.) My little snow globe collection isn’t anything grand but it’s growing.

Random Fact 2: I have an over abundance of notebooks.

This may be an addiction. I can’t start a new book without a new notebook to write notes in. I have tons of notebooks with notes jotted on half of the pages. And because I’m not organized, I often forget where something is written and have known to spend an hour looking through notebooks to find the color of my main characters eyes.

Random Fact 3: I love vegetables. For the first five years of my life I grew up a vegetarian. It’s a long story involving my Dad and his beliefs, trust me, I don’t have the time or the word count to unpack that mess, but yeah I was a vegetarian. I was slow to branch out to meat. I was 20 when I tasted my first steak. The only meat my mom got me to eat for the longest was chicken.

Random Fact 4: I can’t swim. I don’t think that’s as shocking as I meant it to be. LOL! I never learned how to swim. But in my defense I grew up poor and we weren’t really coming across swimming pools in the country like that. I’ve said I’m going to take lessons and I might will. Especially since my kids and husband can swim.

Random Fact 5: I use to have a side hustle where I did hair.

Braids, weaves, lace fronts, I did it all. Started cornrowing at the age of nine when my older brother decided to grow his hair out. From there, I use to braid all his friends hair. I eventually started doing box braids and graduated up to weave installs. I was actually really good. However, I had to give it all up when I started writing. I still braid my girls hair every now and again.

Random Fact 6: My favorite color is purple. That really doesn’t need any explanation. Black is also my favorite color, but I know some will argue that black isn’t a real color.

Random Fact 7: I’m the baby of my family. I have two older brother’s from my mom, and three older siblings from my dad. I’m also the youngest grandchild of my mom’s mom. Sadly, there are no benefits of this. I’m not spoiled and I didn’t get my way. Which is what most would think would be the ideal situation, but no. However, it did help spark the imagination that you guys get to read…. so there is that.

Random Fact 8: I LOVE TO DANCE

Now, being good at it is a different thing. I can stay on beat, that’s about it. I can’t do all those stupid young kid dances that’s coming out now. I stopped being able to dance with the trends after the butterfly, anything after that I can’t hang. I mean I can booty shake(twerk) but, is it really booty shaking when you have no booty?

Random Fact 9: It goes without saying, I LOVE WINE.  Doesn’t matter the brand or type. I just like wine. I started off favoring the sweets, but I’m starting to enjoy the dries a lot now too. And I’m not opposed to beer either. NOT AT ALL!!!

Random Fact 10: I love the movie Wizard of Oz and I HATED The WIZ. I know, I know, how could I. I saw the Wizard of Oz first, and I didn’t watch The Wiz until YEARS later. It was like a horror movie compared to the first one. It even gave me nightmares.



So, that was TEN very random things about me. I already feel like we’re closer. LOL! Thanks for spending a little time with me and getting to know the woman behind the books.

Oh, and let me know if we have any of these random things in common.

Until next time, Enjoy!!!

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