First I want to say welcome to my brand new website. If you’re new here, don’t worry, so am I. And if you happen to have stumbled on this site by accident, that’s ok too.

Since this is my very first post, I decided to fully introduce myself.

My name is Tiya Rayne. Not really. Most people call me KC, with the exception of the short crumb snatchers in my house that call me mommy.

I started writing books officially in 2004. It started off with a horribly written YA book titled; The Return of the Princess. (Which I was told sounded like a Disney Movie.)

After two different versions of the book were written, I finally published it in 2005 with the title; The Return. (A lot better, right?)

After spending time in the YA world I branched off to write more mature novels—meaning I added sex.

I published a set of novellas titled; Lilly. From then on, I’ve dove head first into the world of IR romance. I’ve written everything from, contemporary, to sci-fi, and of course my all time favorite, Paranormal.

I like writing about strong black women because I am a strong black woman. I was also raised by a strong black woman, and I’m raising two more strong black women. My characters are flawed, with good hearts and strong character. They are brave, courageous, and usually smart-mouthed( just like me)

My heroes are alpha males that aren’t intimidated by feisty women.

I love writing stories that are magical, but also real. I add a dash of edginess to all my romances, be it contemporary or paranormal.

Well, now that you know what I write and how I started, maybe you could grab a copy of one of my books, and if you’ve read one before, well, maybe you will stick around and read the next one.

Until next time, enjoy!!


Tiya Rayne



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