Welcome back. We’ve had a pretty exciting ride since we last talked.

And if you’re new here, and happened to stumble upon this page trying to google ways to entertain yourself while quarantining,  .


So most of you have either read my book HAWK, or at least know it’s AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.

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However, some of you may not know that I have other books available..

Yes, I do. So I figured if you liked HAWK, then maybe you would like another  one of my crazy stories.

My first published book under Tiya Rayne is a fantasy miniseries named LILLY. This is probably my favorite. Lilly is an epic journey filled with a mash up of some crazy characters and one sexy ELF.

About Lilly

In my world, you need to be the biggest and baddest in order to survive and I’m the fucking biggest and baddest there is. Men fear me as if I am death himself and women want me as if my cock is encrusted in diamonds. I am the great elf Assassin and the last of my kind. So, what’s my secret to surviving in the Locke? It’s simple: don’t form attachments and never get involved in other people’s shit. I’ve lived by those rules for centuries. But, one chance meeting with a doe-eyed little girl changes everything. One decision sets me on a cataclysmic journey.

Safe, predictable, boring Lilly. That’s what my friend calls me. She also says I’m the last living 20 year old virgin. She may be right. But all of that changes when I get one night with a handsome stranger. What could go wrong?

One Decision alters their future.
One Decision sets their path.
One Decision may save their world.

If any of that interested you, then guess what, you’re in for a treat because Lilly just got a make over and you guys, are going to be the first to see it.

Right now the epic journey is broken up in five complete books. But soon the story will be told in just one. So what do you think of the new Lilly cover?

Alright moving on to my second release under the Tiya Rayne name. This time I wanted to go more on the Contemporary side. I got the idea of FIRST LOVE from a joke made by my best friend. (the joke was a bit inappropriate and since children can find this, I’ll leave it out.) Just know that the one joke sparked an idea for a relationship that spanned over eight years and so much drama.

 About First Love

Eight years ago, Zora Henderson ran away from the man she loved and the family that forced her to have an abortion. Tragedy brings her back home again. Can she face the family and the town that betrayed her? And what of the man that she left behind? Zora also has a secret, one that may have her on the run again.

WARNING: This book deals with adult situations, it contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. It may be considered offensive to some readers.


First Love by [Tiya Rayne]


After I gave you contemporary, I decided to go Sci-fi next. Alpha is probably one of my craziest book ideas. It started off as a dream. Instead of the heroine in the book, it was me trying to survive a crazy lab.


About Alpha

Morgan Downs’ life is unexceptional. She’s stuck in an abusive loveless marriage and often made to feel inferior by her parents because of her speech impediment. Although as bad as her life is, she never expected to be kidnapped from her home and taken to a private military base to become a test rat for a science experiment. But things change when Morgan meets Alpha. She should be afraid, he isn’t quite human after all. Alpha is a genetically enhanced super soldier, and Morgan has been captured to bear his offspring. Yet, Morgan finds that Alpha isn’t the real monster behind those confined walls. They are both captives of the insane scientist, Dr. Ryder Strong.

WARNING: This book contains some graphic scenes of violent acts. Readers please be advised.

Alpha by [Tiya Rayne]


Alpha was originally written as a stand alone, but because I love my readers, I decided to make it a series. And just like I announced the cover for Lilly here first, I’ll also announce the next book in this series and the cover here……but not today.


The next release I went back to my contemporary roots, Where Love Is Found also started as a dream. In this dream I only saw the end scene and I figured out her story from there. I took some of the craziest people I knew (my family) and placed them in a book. This book holds dear to my heart because it talks about subjects that are dear to me.

About Where Love Is Found

Charlice “Duck” Jefferies knows exactly what she wants out of life. She wants to continue to grow her multi-million dollar business. She wants to take care of her family. And she wants sex, LOTS of sex.
Charlice has no time for relationships. She knows love is a lie and should be considered an incurable disease.
She even has unbreakable rules.
No flings that last longer than six months.
No personal questions.
No spending the night.
And absolutely no dating.
But all her rules and well thought out plans go out the window when she meets Jackson Keller. Jackson tears down her perfectly built walls and expose dark secrets she planned to take to her grave.

Warning, this book contains heavy subject matter. Readers please be advised.

Where Love is Found by [Tiya Rayne]

Charlice “Duck” Jefferies is by far my favorite female character. I had so much fun writing this book. If people really wanted to know the real Tiya Rayne, I recommend reading this book. I’m all in this one.


I took a break for a while,  to improve my craft, and when I came back I brought some friends with me. I helped write Wicked Prince Charmings to showcase my new skills, and my new publisher. I had the absolute most fun working on that project because I did it with some of the coolest, most talented, and hilarious ladies ever. Shout out to my writing-sister crew.

About Wicked Prince Charmings

Award-winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents
Wicked Prince Charming
Six fairy tales reimagined by four talented authors. Enjoy Blue Saffire and the rest of the Perceptive Illusions Publishing, Inc. authors as they breathe new life into some old favorites. Four perceptions and six illusions of stories that will tug the heart. It’s going to get hot and interesting as Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and The Beast are all told by Blue Saffire, Tiya Rayne, KT Adler, and Ivy Harper.

Three contemporary and three paranormal retellings that will have you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready? This journey will be nothing nice, but it promises a happy ending.

Wicked Prince Charmings: Blue Saffire & Co. Fairy Tales by [Blue Saffire, Tiya Rayne, KT Adler, Ivy Harper, TakeCover Designs, Katrina Fair]

My two contributions in that collection are, The Broken and the Ugly, and Dragon Wishes. One is a contemporary retelling to The Ugly Duckling and the other is my paranormal version of Aladdin.


So there you have it, my story in book form. All those books lead up to Hawk. They show my growth as a writer and the stretch of my imagination.

I have a pretty jam packed schedule this year in publishing. Some things you know, like Seth, and some things I’m keeping a secret.

I hope you continue to follow me on my writing journey and just in case you want to catch up, I included the AMAZON link to all the book covers. You’re Welcome.

That’s all for me. Let me know in the comments which Tiya Rayne books have you read and which ones you liked.

Until next time, Enjoy!!

Tiya Rayne







  • Denelle Asoro

    Girl you have just made my weekend. I am closing my bedroom door, charging my kindle, putting in my EarPods and zone out and read…. you have no idea how happy you have made me to know that there will be more from ALPHA 🥰🥰🥰. I’m just going to catch up on all that I have missed since finding you and wait patiently for the next book in the Church series and ALPHA… I’m not even going to stalk you…. much 😂.
    Thank you and your parents for helping in creating the mind that you have. Stay safe and healthy

    • admin

      Thank you for replying and i’m going to try my best to get you the next Alpha book soon. I’m working on Seth at the moment. I hope if you read the other books you will enjoy them. And you stay safe as well.

      • Dee

        I am so excited to hear tgat you are going to make Alpha a series! But I need you to know I love the Church series too. Can’t wait to read about Seth! Keep up the great work.

  • Kate

    Hi Tiya,

    Great Read! The Church Series.

    Book 1: Hawk
    Amazon: A 5 stars rating

    I loved your creative writing style and all the characters. I’ve just noticed after going on your facebook page my hair is the same as Brooklyn Lol. This is the first time I’ve read any of your books. I took a chance and glad I did
    and finished reading Hawk today U.K time Lol.

    I left a review on Amazon and posted it this morning. I would like to thank you for a great read that allowed a bit of escapism in this crazy covid19 madness.

    I can’t wait for the Seth’s story to be ready for purchase. keep up the good work and in the meantime I’ll read something else while I wait patiently.😀

    • admin

      Thank you for leaving a review. I truly appreciate it. And I’m glad you gave my book a chance. I’m also happy you enjoyed Hawk. I hope you join me again for the rest of The Church series.
      By the way, I gave Brooklyn the hair style I wish I could pull off. LOL!!

  • Kris A Sandel

    Hi, loved all your books. I can’t wait for the next series titles, but how you gonna leave us hanging with the Nevy story and the Elf Queen and Nasir love story, come on now…


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