On The Move

Hey Gang!

I have some exciting news….

But first off, if you happened to stumble onto this page after checking the expected arrival date of your recently ordered package of things you don’t really need( No Judgement)

So, if any of you have been following me since the start of my writing journey, you may have noticed that my whereabouts seem to change a lot.

When I published my first book I lived in North Carolina. By the time I ended the Lilly series I was in Kentucky. Alpha all the way to Hawk has been written in good old Arkansas.

Well, that’s all about to change. I’M MOVING AGAIN!!

I’m really excited about this move. I’m usually excited about all the moves, but this one is big because we’re moving closer to our home town. 😁😁

Moving is great because I like going new places, meeting new people, and discovering new areas. It all helps me write exciting books with unique characters and locations.

Now the downfall to all the moving, is of course, the packing.

I usually end up doing all the packing and cleaning on my own. My kids offer to help, but I’m one of those people that I’d rather do it alone than to have to redo the disaster that they did.

The Hubby, the reason we move so much, is always super busy during this time. He’s in the midst of finishing up one position and taking on the new position. It’s pretty stressful around this time.

Not only am I packing and cleaning, but I’m also preparing to sell a house and looking to buy a new one.

And just so you know, I have an absolute love hate relationship with house hunting. Same way I do with looking for Stock photos for book covers. I look through tons of stock images until my eyes blur and everyone starts to look the same. It’s the exact same way when looking at houses. Trying to find the right price range, bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage is exhausting.

Plus, I have the attention span of a gnat. Which makes any task that much worse.

Basically, what I’m saying is for the next three months I’m going to be SWAMPED.

I’m moving, AND writing books. Because I love you guys, I’m pushing myself to finish some projects. I can’t just leave you hanging, right?

Thankfully, I have an awesome support system around me that’s helping me out. My daughters are helping with the house hunting (even if they’re a bit out of budget). The company hires movers. So after I clean and throw away things, people come in and pack us all up. And my Boss Lady is the shiznit. She’s helping me rearrange my schedule so that I can get you guys the books that you want. Like a certain member of The Church.😏

Even though the new move is stressful, I’m still excited about it.

Well, that’s all from me. If you have any tips on packing, or organizing, I’ll gladly accept them. I’m genuinely bad at it.

Also, let me know some of the best cities you’ve lived in. So far, mine is Louisville, Kentucky.

Until next time, Enjoy!!

Tiya Rayne


  • LaShonda

    My parents moved around a lot during my high school days and the best city we lived in was Minneapolis, MInnesota. Good food, music and so many cultures.

    • TeeTanner

      Good luck on your move. I just finished Hawk. The premise of the book was good but I’m really looking forward to Seth’s story. So take your time birthing Seth and his life line. Happy house hunting, moving and writing.

  • Shannon

    I have read first love, where love is found, alpha and am currently reading Hawk. I just happened upon your name a few months ago on twitter and thought I would check you out with this pandemic going on. I had plenty of time.
    I can completely see how much you have grown as a writer from First Love to Hawk! Your characters and story lines are so great and you can’t help to get engrossed within the story.
    Alpha …loved but wanted more! Great story line. Where Love is found is my absolute favorite, I feel it is relatable for so many people. Hawk I am slowly and really taking my time because I don’t want to finish! It so good!
    Thank you for great some great reading. You are totally in your groove and I am hear for it!

    • admin

      I’m glad you gave my books a chance and you are right I’ve grown A LOT since First Love. I hope you will continue to read my books and enjoy them.

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