Things I Hate About House Hunting..

Hey Gang!

Okay, so maybe that heading is a little misleading. But I’ll get into that.

First off, if you happened to stumble onto this page after checking the internet for a three bedroom/ three bath Condo with a pool and it brought you here, well….

As I said, the title may be a bit misleading. I don’t absolutely hate house hunting. I just slightly dislike it. But I have good reason.

You see, for the last month and a half I’ve been scrolling through Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia for our next home. It always starts off promising. I enjoy seeing all the different homes and even look forward to it.

Then some where around week four, that excitement turns in to complete annoyance. So, I thought I’d bring you guys along on some of the things I’ve come across on this journey.

Before we go further, just know this is all in fun. Don’t take my words personal.

Now with that said let’s go. Reasons I hate house hunting.

Reason 1: The Creepy Room.

Nothing worse than looking at a house trying to imagine your family living there and you come to a room that you swear you can see the doorway to hell in. I ran across a room that was filled with those porcelain face dolls. I mean every surface had those glassy eyes staring back at you. Imagine a hundred little Annabelles.

And I know the owner was going to take the dolls with them, but the memory is burned into my retinas.

Another home I saw had this room with a weird little door, and I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that nothing good lives on the other side of those doors.

Reason 2: Wall Paper.

Look, I have no problem with wallpaper. I even think done right it adds character to a home. However, this home had every room in the house covered in wallpaper AND might I add none of the wall paper was alike. No cohesion at all. And it wasn’t even the really pretty wall paper. It was the weird looking kind that you have to be close up on to make out the pattern. I legit think I saw one with little penises. And I can get with that, but not in my kitchen.

Reason 3: Awkward Arrangements.

Look, this is more on the builder than the homeowner. I kid you not, I saw a home with a toilet in the corner of the bedroom.

I understand getting the urge in the middle of the night and not wanting to get out of bed, but the solution is NOT a toilet in my bed room. Like Why?

Reason 4: When I say 4 bedrooms I mean 4 bedrooms.

So this one has really got me a few times. We need 4 bedrooms. No if ands or buts. So when I look at your 4bd/3 ba colonial I don’t expect to see bedroom four at the neighbors house.

I saw a house that claimed to be four bedrooms, but it was really just three and the master walk in closet was turned into the fourth bedroom. All they had in it was a crib and a stuff bear on the floor. AND it was still tight. Imagine trying to fit a full size bed in that bedroom.

Reason 5: Location. Location.

Okay, now I’ll admit this one is just me being picky. But what is with some of these houses being so close? I mean I saw a really pretty house in a subdivision, but I could legit reach out of my bedroom window and high-five the neighbor. You couldn’t even squeeze a fart between these two houses.

There is no reason i want to be that close to my neighbor. But, I’ve seen the opposite too. One house i saw was dead in the middle of no where. I even checked the satellite view to see the nearest neighbor, and the only thing close to the house was one stranded cow. I’ve seen that go wrong in scary movies too.

Reason 6: Almost but not quite.

The final and the most prominent issue I’m having with house hunting is this. Finding that house that almost makes the cut but doesn’t. The first thing I check after seeing a house that’s nice is price range. That has to match up. I then check bed and baths. Next I check sqft. Once all those add up I click the picture and go inside.

So many homes has made the cut until I go inside and realize the house stopped aging in the seventies. Or either there is some wonky floor plan. I’ll admit, I don’t want a fixer upper. I’d rather have a move in ready home. Which means, I’m not up for knocking down walls to get my fourth bedroom, or pulling up carpet that you can’t determine what the original color was. If that makes me a little spoiled, well…

So there you have it. There are other things that I’ve found during this journey, but I’ll leave those for another time.

You guys wish me luck. Next month gets really busy for me as far as house hunting goes.

Let me know in the comments if you have come across some of these issues when searching for your next place, or if you have any I didn’t mention.

Until next time, enjoy!

Tiya Rayne


  • LaShonda Royal

    I hate wallpaper. When we were looking for our first home our realtor took us to this house where the dining room was done in this tacky blue floral wall paper. It was hideous.

    Also, who builds houses with a bathroom that only had a tub, no shower. Who does that?

    • admin

      I’m finding that I question a lot of these builders. This is has been one crazy house after another. It’s awful.

  • Valerie

    We just brought our home 5 months ago. While looking we had the same issue of a house being advertised as 5 bedroom but only being 4 or saying the small office could be a bedroom. Honestly I couldn’t believe the price some people were trying to sell the old beat up house for. As far as how close the neighbors were, we came from a townhouse and knew we wanted a single family home with plenty of space from neighbors. Where we looked at living some homes were half million and up but you could literally look in your neighbors home. No thanks. Since our home sold in 18 hours(excellent realtor) we had to move. We found the right house at the last minute. Good luck.

    • admin

      Your story gives me hope. I pray that we find the right home and I also pray for one of that 18 hr luck as well. LOL!!

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